What We Do

Medius Solutions are a property investment consortium company based in Shrewsbury, UK. 

New members are invited to pay an initial deposit to join our investment portfolio and then are required to pay monthly payments to maintain their share in the business. 
Members funds are then used to grow the consortium’s portfolio by way of investing it in residential and commercial properties, as well as other investments. 

Why Us?

Medius Solutions are a team of experienced investment personal. We carefully analyse any future investments as a group in order to make the best possible investments for our members.

The forecasted ROI (Return of Investment) is as follows:
5 yr ROI is 240%
10yr ROI is 307%
15yr ROI is 388%
The initial deposit required by new members is £600 which gets you a place in our investment consortium and then we require a monthly payment to maintain their shares in the portfolio. Upon maturity of a member’s plan, this deposit forms part of the member’s monthly payments and is calculated as part of the member’s share in the consortium. 
This investment plan is a way for members to get on the property ladder for as little as £100 per month, without over stretching their budgets. You decide how much you would like to invest per month and we provide you with a hands-free investment for the length of the term you selected.


Get In Touch

If you would like any more information, please email us directly at info@mediussolutions.co.uk or alternatively use the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.